Speeko Crypto Mining Crowdfund (Intro & FAQ’s)


Welcome to Speeko Crypto Mining, a new crypto mining farm that will be based in Zambia.

Join our Investment Club to earn Crypto ! Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and other crypto currencies paid directly into your wallet on a weekly basis.

This investment opportunity is open to both small investors & larger investors. Minimum investment required is 100USD.

Our vision is to provide investors with an opportunity to directly invest in a crypto mining farm where fair proportional payments are sent to investors wallets on a weekly basis.

Our objective is to become the biggest crypto mine in Africa.

A combination of long term, favourable renewable energy contracts, an experienced management team and bulk buying of mining equipment will all contribute to a successful project.

We are aiming to purchase a combination of 1500 GPU and ASIC miners and to mine a variety of coins and alts to maximise profit potential (including Bitcoin, Zcash & Ethereum).

Investors will be paid weekly, directly to a nominated wallet.

Typically investors in crypto mining often need to purchase expensive and complicated cloud services or listed companies (that often dilute shares and have an opaque structure when it comes to overhead costs.). Speeko mining will be completely transparent throughout. Mining profits will be paid quickly and securely, with details of monthly costs & profits forwarded regularly to investors.

Visit our website www.speeko.co.uk , join our investment club and begin earning on launch day !


Q: What is Speeko Mining CrowdFund all about ?

A: Crowdfunding has gained popularity over the last decade or so. The culture of crowdfunding has been around in Africa for generations (known as ‘harambee’ in Kenya and other terms across the continent. ). A group of investors will pool together funds for mutually beneficial outcomes. In this case, Speeko is raising funds to develop a Bitcoin mining farm in Zambia, that will mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. You have an opportunity to become a member of this club. You will be paid Bitcoin and other cryptos on a weekly basis in direct proportion to what you invest.

Q: What are the potential returns (and risks!) ?

A: This is a very difficult question to answer. This will depend on the price of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, energy costs, number of miners and operational costs. We will be using cost efficient renewable energy, solar. biomass and hydroelectricity. Long term energy contracts will be in place that will ensure rates amongst the most favourable in the world. We also aim to have a combination of 1500 of the latest ASIC and GPU miners. At todays Bitcoin price (approx 34kUSD) and with low operational costs and locked in low energy rates; initial investment payback should be within 18 months. However, even though an investment into Bitcoin mining farms is less of a risk than traditional crypto related speculation; we would advise only to invest what you can afford to lose. There is a possibility that the market could significantly crash at anytime, potentially resulting in significantly lower weekly payments.

Q: How do I join the investment club ?

A: Visit https://www.speeko.co.uk/ and select “Join Investment Club”. You will need to enter your details to join the list of participants.

Q: What is USDC & USDT ?

A: These are known as stable coins that are pegged 1:1 to the USD. You will need to convert your local currency into one of these stable coins to participate in the crowdfund. We would suggest using established platforms such as Coinbase and Binance in order to convert into USDT.

Q: When will investors be paid crypto mined ?

A: As soon as mining begins, you will begin earning. We will pay crypto mined directly to your crypto wallet on a weekly basis. You will have the option to be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, USDT or USDC (or other coins we may mine depending on market conditions.). If you prefer, we will consolidate into one of the coins/alts/stable and send to one wallet.

Q: Do you have insurance ?

A: We’ve applied for full insurance with the World Bank to cover non-commercial risks; additional insurance options are currently being reviewed. (All mining hardware will be fully covered).

Zambia is one of Africa’s most stable and prosperous countries hosting significant investments from around the world.

Q: I have another question not covered here.

A: Please visit our website and complete the contact form, we’ll aim to get back to you in 24hrs.